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  • The Lives of Others
  • Sister Stella L.
  • An Elephant Sitting Still
  • Cabaret

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  • Tether



    A very good premise, actually. Which they could have really used really well.

    But instead went to misogyny. The guy was the villain in this story: Cheater, manipulative, gaslighter. But he was the one given a redemption arc???

    Then the woman character was just given a mental health caricature. A romcom villain edit, that was played for the laughs? Seriously.

    It's 2023 and Cinemaĺaya still giving platform to these kinds of potrayal.

  • Sugarland



    Gabby Padilla is the best. Her performance here is so affecting and I can watch her smoke all day.

    The movie was saks lang for me. Ending was great tho.

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  • Fan Girl

    Fan Girl


    Hold up. You won't like what i'm about to write.

    There were three important women in this movie.
    Charlie Dizon, Sheenly Gener and the mother. What the movie seems to suggest is that all three women were in their situation because of their choice. Charlie's decision not to go home, Sheenly's decision to wait for Paulo and the mother's decision to allow herself to be abused by her lover. The movie greatly implies that it's their fault that they are…

  • Got 2 Believe

    Got 2 Believe


    There are so many thing i've discovered with the rewatch. Number 1 is that this has been my golden standard for romcoms and verr few can really measure up.

    Another one is how Rico Yan stepped away from Claudine when he discovered she was already in a relationship with Dominic. There was no attempt to get in between the two, hence it holds up even against the moral standards of cancel culture of today.

    But what i was impressed the…