Steve Jobs ★★★½

I'm really tired and I wanna go to bed so I'll make this quick: the script was amazing, Fassbender was excellent, direction and editing were great. The first hour and ten minutes feel very upbeat and go by extremely fast, but then the next hour goes on for just a tad too long and is kind of a slow burn. Also it was hard to understand the movie for a fair portion of the time. I legitimately had to pause in the middle to figure out what was happening. But then again, I'm a dumbass. But, I don't know. In The Social Network (and I hate to compare to that but here we are), even though the story SEEMED very complex and layered, you could always tell what was happening. It never seems like the movie is being smarter than you because the character's motivations are clear through their interactions with other characters. And while that is the case with this movie, It could have been a little clearer sometimes.

And since we're speaking of Sorkin, I just want to say that his style is way more noticeable hear than in Moneyball. That's probably because he was working with another writer in that film. Not that there's anything wrong with working alongside another writer, but I was just relieved that his style was all over this thing. The quick-witted dialogue, the overlapping lines, characters having different trains of thought, it's all there. Everything feels rhythmic, and I was just so happy to see that. The point is, go watch this movie. Fassbender deserves it.

And as much as I love "The Big Short" and "Room", this deserved the Best Adapted Screenplay win without question.

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