Teeth ★½

CAPSULE REVIEW: The central component in every poor satire is the lack of satirical bite, the cowering from being controversial and satirizing something that is not recognizable as a sociopolitical construct. Sure, there are Christian's who fear sex and female sexuality but why present this through the use of unconvincing evangelicals with astoundingly few evangelical impulses? Obviously director Mitchell Lichtenstein (son of Roy) didn't want to scare investors, retailers and whatnot so he chose a safer rout. And it's never mentioned outright. Furthermore, "Teeth" came during the last years of the George H.W. Bush era - an administration that was promulgating abstinence-only sex education as a serious program to combat teen- and unwanted pregnancies. And why not be at least subtle about it. It's not even touched upon briefly. This is one of the most lily-livered and cowardly movies I've seen touted as a satire.