Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

I didn't realize how immersed I was into this story until the very end when I fully revealed to myself. This character was not only entertaining to watch, but I also understood him and why he did the things he did. I hate saying this, but this film spoke to me specifically in such an intensely honest and sincere way. I do not even take a second thought when I say that this is one of the best movies I will ever see. I have been waiting for a movie to completely suck me into it's setting, to completely change my view not only on filmmaking but on life itself. Genuinely a cinematic masterpiece. Visually and writing-wise, this film is just absolutely stunning. The cinematography isn't used to make you go "wow, that looks gorgeous". It gives the film its own specific feel and really makes you realize the honesty and liveliness in this situation, even if the main character doesn't see it himself. The writing made me connect with all the characters instantly, and the film always had a sort of rhythm to it. It's always moving on to the next thing, but it makes sure that each thing sticks with the audience. And each and every idea this film offers MATTERS. This film is such a powerful and necessary character study, and I was never bored with it. The Coen's direction feels so personal and true. Their use of folk music makes the audience entranced into the story, and they examine everyday life with such care and precision. Yet everything feels almost unplanned. Everything that's happening feels unpredictable, almost like how the main character's future is unpredictable.

I really need to talk about Oscar Isaac, who genuinely gives one of my favorite performances. The calming nature he brings when he's singing and the honesty he brings to the role is mesmerizing. You may notice that I've been using the word "honest" a lot in this review. And that's because I think that's the reason why that makes this movie so incredible. You never once doubt anything that the characters do or say. After a long period of time, I just stopped analyzing this movie. I stopped being a film critic. I just let go and let this film take over me. And it does all of this in under 2 HOURS. This is genuinely everything I look forward too in a film, and if you haven't already check it out PLEASE do, it's one of the most touching and realistic pieces of art to ever be put to film.

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