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This review may contain spoilers.

Very very low 3.
I think I had a pretty good idea what this was about thanks to the trailer constantly playing every time I went to the theater for like what 3 months? 😩 I did try and not pay attention but it became really hard to avoid when it's playing all the time like that!
I didn't know much of the characters or anything. The only thing I ever knew that was close to this was that Thanos was a Deviant. But yeah before talk of this movie began I had never heard about the Eternals so yeah really new group of heroes to me.
My favorite aspect of this for sure was the cast. The MCU rarely ever lets me down with casting and they for sure didn't here. I really enjoyed everyone and thought everyone was very fitting for their characters. It's honestly hard for me to say who my favorite was but if I had to pick I would say Angelina Jolie, I am honestly not even sure what it was I enjoyed so much about her ha ha but damn she was so bad ass and I'm very much looking forward to see more of her in this universe. But yeah like I said I found myself really enjoying everyone. A few more than others but yeah overall very pleased with the cast.
There were some nice locations. I did indeed see all the jokes that were made about this being a on location movie and not a green screen movie. 😂 Ha ha so yeah there were some nice visuals in that sense. But this still had that washed out Marvel color that I'm not a fan of but it didn't bother me as much as it normally does, perhaps because they were on location? Ha ha. And yeah sure some of the CGI didn't look that great but it didn't bother me. There were some great shots here and damn did the actors all look beautiful but there wasn't anything that would stand out of the year for me but for sure one of the better looking out of the MCU.
The music just wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be. I seriously don't understand why the MCU won't give their heroes themes? I was hoping for a an amazing Eternals theme and I just did not get it. No moments stood out for me musically except for the moment between Sersi and Ikaris when she is trying to destroy the Celestial and he decides not to stop her and the end credits song was nice. I can't believe those were the only two moments that stood out!!! I just wanted an epic, beautiful score for this story but nope. So you can imagine my heart break when the end credits showed that Ramin Djawadi was the composer. 😭 I love him so much and he has created some pretty epic themes that I still listen to often. I really want to be in the room when they have the meeting about the music for their MCU movies, do they purposely say "we don't want anything that stands out"? So bizarre to me.
So for me I was aware that critics hated this but it seemed the audience was overall mostly enjoying this. Through my timelines on social medias it seemed that this was still liked by most.
And yeah of course I can't help but compare it to DC and yeah it does make my blood boil when people shit on the fact that they introduced so many characters too soon in one movie (Justice League) but here it's ok? I'll never understand. 🙄
Anyways for me I do fall more into the camp of too many characters here that weren't fully fleshed out to me. So character decisions didn't make sense to me. So yeah I actually was surprised at the fact that I do wish there was a mini series first introducing these characters. 🤯 I am totally against them making shows that I need to watch to understand the next wave of movies because it just feels like too much for me, but if that's the direction they are going then why didn't they do that here? Here it really would have made sense, to first be introduced to these characters in a show then go into this movie. Well I think.
I will say I appreciated the more serious tones and I did like the romance around this. The questions and struggles these heroes go through was very thrilling to watch and really felt different from most MCU movies to me. But because of the unbalance I felt with the characters I didn't get that emotional connection I would have hoped to feel with these characters.
I would have liked to see Ajak fall in love with Humans. I would have liked to have seen and understood why Gilgamesh stood by to help and protect Thena. I would have liked to have see how Phastos changed his mind about humanity instead of him just saying he changed his mind about humanity because he has a family now. And if it hadn't been for Kingo telling us that Sprite was in love with Ikaris I would have never known. Would have liked to understand how that came to be. And if she was in love with him why go hang out with Sersi out of all the Eternals? And yeah Makkari and Druig were adorable, why not give us more of that? And why did Ajak only tell Ikaris the whole plan? Was it because she was hoping he would take over someday? Why not tell them all? And I feel like I really didn't understand Ikaris being so passionate about sticking with Celestial's mission to destroy all life on Earth. And since Thanos is a Deviant and the Eternals said they couldn't get involved with mankind unless Deviants were involved, why didn't they get involved with Thanos? I would have liked a better explanation for that because it didn't work for me. And Ikaris died in the end right? Why did he kill himself? Would have liked to understand his character more about how he could make that decision. Just didn't have that emotional connection to loosing Ajak and Ikaris but that could be because I'm sure we are gonna see Ajak and Ikaris again since I feel like that is something MCU would do and I could totally see how easy it would be to bring them back. 🤣 😝
Back to the Deviants I really didn't like them here. I felt like they weren't fully explained or made for a great villain here. Would have liked them fleshed out more.
I did appreciate that I didn't see the twist of Ikaris being the one to have killed Ajak, usually I can see stuff like that with the MCU so I'm grateful that I didn't see it coming. And while the jokes once again did not work for me I was surprised to see that they were not unbearable to me like they usually are. Except for that Ikea joke but that could be because the trailer. 😂😩
But yeah because of the subject matter that was brought up I was really hoping for more of a emotional connection with what was going on but that just didn't happen for me here. I wouldn't say it was bad though and again the cast really made this fun to watch but it just felt like too much and unbalanced and yeah the length for sure was felt. But I did appreciate that this didn't feel so plugged into the MCU that it does feel more like a movie I could watch on it's own and not a movie that I would need to watch so many other movies to get to it (if that makes sense). But I'm sure over time this will feel more like a series movie that I'll have to watch to watch others. 😂
For me there are movies that I actually get in the mood to rewatch and movies that I feel like I have to rewatch to watch other movies in the series... this is definitely going to be in the later for me as in I'll probably rewatch this the next time the Eternals appear. Not a need to own either but yeah I won't have a problem sitting through this again.
This story just didn't nail it for me and what brings it down a lot but I am fascinated with these characters and looking forward to seeing more from them. I did go back and forth between a 3 and a 2 and a 1/2 a lot though, for now I will stick with this rating. I'm curious how I would feel about this one if I did a massive MCU rewatch and watched them all in a row because I do think this is so different from usual MCU so maybe then I will like this more?

Also tagged this with "watched with a bad audience" because even though it didn't completely ruin my experience it still was enough to make my blood boil. Lame ass couple next to me where the gf constantly had to lean over and whisper shit to her man then like halfway through she got up to get snacks because God forbid people can't eat for like almost 3 hours then she had to come back with a shit ton of food and explain how fucking expensive the food is and tell some story about what happened while purchasing it. Then also making this weird squealing annoyed sound when Harry Styles appeared. But considering the theater was packed I'm surprised they were the only issue I had.

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