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This review may contain spoilers.

Extended Edition.
Very close to a 5.
So as I've said before, I watch these movies all the time for different reasons. Mostly because I'm in the mood for it or I turn on the T.V. and it's on. Another reason I watch these movies is when I reread the books. Been going through a tough time right now and rereading Harry Potter just makes me feel better. When I finish a book in the series I like to rewatch the movie. Just finished this book recently.
This was done so well. It does a really great job of sticking to the book. The changes here are smart and make sense and don't bother me the slightest.
I truly love the cast. Everyone is so great. While some of them don't look like how their characters are described in the book, they definitely do an amazing job of acting how their characters were in the book. The Dursleys are spot on. Professor McGonagall and Mrs. Weasley could not have been more perfect. Alan Rickman forever. I always picture him for Snape when I read the books. They seriously got so lucky with the kid actors, so perfect. Dumbledore is my favorite character in the books and to me Richard Harris did a better job of capturing Dumbledore. Of course in my opinion the movies didn't do as great a job with Dumbledore but that could just be my love for the book Dumbledore.
The look of this is great. Quidditch is exciting to watch. The dinning hall is stunning to look at and whenever they show Hogwarts for the first time, I get goosebumps ha ha.
I'm so grateful they got John Williams to kick off the musical score with this movie. He created such amazing themes. Love it.
As I said in a previous review, I didn't read the books before seeing the movies (read the series right after the Half-Blood Prince movie came out). Of course I was able to enjoy these movies without reading the books but yes books are way better and I'm so glad I finally realized how amazing reading was and jumped into this series.
Yes this is great (book and movie) but I'm so looking forward to the upcoming adventures.
This series means so much to me and this is an amazing start to it.

Update 5/22/2021: So I am gonna log this but today was more of a background, just listened to the whole thing kind of watch so I didn't want to write a full review for it but since I started a new tag "moment that gave me the chills / goosebumps 🥶" thought I would just mention it to this review. I was surprised to find that I did get some chills (because remember I was really just listening to it) when at the end after the climax and Harry finds Ron and Hermione and they have their little exchange "you alright?" I don't know why but after Hermione's "never better" I got some chills across my shoulder. I think it's because I love their friendship so much and then just the thought of what's in store for them. 😭
Also Dumbledore is fucked up for letting Slytherin think they won when he damn well knew he was gonna give out more points for a new winner. 😂

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