Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★

3rd Screener watched for the Spirit Awards. Nominated for Best Feature, Best Female Lead, Best Supporting Female and Best Screenplay.
So had a nice family dinner and (as I usually do when we are all hanging out) I blurted out "so what movie we watching tonight?" Mentioned some movies then we dropped the subject. When we got home I was really surprised to see every one gathered around the T.V. waiting to put a movie on!! Ha ha. My dad asked what screeners I had that they might like and when I mentioned this I was even more shocked my mom WANTED to watch this! 😂 And yes, my mom, dad and brother all really liked it!! ❤❤
I must say I really enjoyed this more this 2nd time. I actually cried a little! I still agree with my 4 rating but this time I will say it is VERY CLOSE to a 4 and a 1/2.
It was so nice watching this with my family, maybe why I connected with it more this time. To see my mom actually paying attention, to hear them laughing, it was great.
I still have the same feelings as I do with my first review but I was happier with the ending this time. Just definitely appreciated the movie more on rewatch.
I'm still so proud of what they did with this movie.
I'm so glad it's getting recognition.
I definitely can't wait to own a real copy of this!

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