Midsommar β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Avoided all trailers just knew that Florence Pugh was in this and that Ari Aster wrote and directed this.
Loved the cast. I'm definitely starting to get a huge soft spot for Jack Reynor and Florence Pugh. I thought they were great. Especially Pugh. I'm definitely having trouble deciding what role of hers is my favorite of the year. I thought everyone brought their A Game.
I'm obsessed with the look of this. So many great shots and camera movements that I'm obsessed with. 😍 This was just great to look at. Especially loved the breathing flowers!
The music and sound design was a bit too loud for my taste. Could be the fault of the theater? But yeah it created a very intense experience, the sound. The music was fitting as well.
Alright this really isn't my type of story. When a movie makes me say WTF so many times and doesn't clearly spell out what's happening, it's not really entertaining for me but I really really appreciated the experience of the story. So disturbing, so unique, so intense. My jaw dropped quite a few times. I loved how the story unfolded, loved how we were introduced to these characters. I could feel the length at times and even though I said this movie doesn't clearly explain what is going on I don't mean it was hard to follow.
While this isn't my style of entertainment I definitely appreciated what this was. I wouldn't mind owning and definitely want to rewatch it as soon as I can to see what all I missed, just don't see a lot of rewatches with it.
I'm also not sure but I think I still like Hereditary a bit more just because that one really terrified me.

Update: I wasn't sure why I connected with this so much. Finding out later that Aster wrote this during a breakup it totally made sense to me. At the time I saw this I was still healing from my breakup and I don't know how to explain the feelings this gave me. In a weird way it was very satisfying. I loved the ending, I needed that ending. This came out at the perfect time for me and I will always see this as a breakup movie.

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