Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

So I love the cast. Tom Holland really was the perfect choice to play Spider-Man. I think this has been my favorite performance of him as Peter Parker. I've been in love with Jake Gyllenhaal since 2004 😂 😍 so of course I love what he did here. I thought Holland and Gyllenhaal had great chemistry and it was so good watching them work together. Zendaya also really stood out as well and really liked the moments with her and Holland.
Like with most MCU films the score worked but was forgettable. Maybe it stood out a bit more than it normally does because I love Michael Giacchino, but nothing I need to have on repeat. But again nice soundtrack.
This looked nice. Love movies that take place in Europe so there was some great eye candy settings. I also thought the effects were pretty good looking.
But like with most MCU films couldn't really connect with the story. A lot of the dialogue and jokes were just too silly for my taste. While I did enjoy Peter's plan to tell MJ how he feels and watching him try to execute the plan I really was lost as to what happened for them to have feelings for each other. I'll admit I've only seen Spider-Man: Homecoming once back when it was released in theaters so I may be remembering this wrong but I remember Peter chasing another girl for that whole movie and having like a few interactions with MJ (aka Michelle). So I wish I had a better understanding of why MJ and Peter suddenly seem to really like each other in this one. I guess I would have liked that explored more. And while Gyllenhaal was amazing and really made it so easy to be entertained with this movie I really didn't care for the villain. I found Mysterio's motivations or reasoning for being bad just so boring and silly. While I did enjoy seeing Peter struggling with being a teen and all the responsibility that was being put upon him I couldn't help but wonder why it all fell on him. Honestly I hadn't thought about someone taking up the mantle after we lost Iron Man and Captain America and not that I had a problem with Spider-Man taking over I just found myself wondering why him? Why did Tony trust Peter with all that dangerous tech? Then why was Nick Fury talking to Peter and dumping all this stuff on him? (Though now I understand it wasn't really Fury 😂) I don't know things just didn't really fit. Then I didn't really understand why Peter even gave that powerful tech to Mysterio in the first place? I didn't really see that. I also wish they talked more about the aftermath of "The Blip". I mean I know they did but it didn't feel like enough, just really wanted more. But I was thankful for the touching, emotional moments that were there and was able to connect with them. I also was highly entertained by the action. I thought it was very cool to look at, especially all the illusion action ha ha.
Like with the rest of the MCU movies, not a need to own and don't see myself getting in the mood to rewatch but I was entertained and definitely could watch it again. I like this like a 3 but giving it a 3 and a 1/2 because I loved watching Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland in these roles and watching them act off each other.

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