Cats ★½

Listen, this whole thing is worth it to me because once upon a time, Judi Dench was meant to be in the original West End cast of Cats but got injured at the very last minute and had to drop out. Now, she's finally righting history and getting to be in Cats.

But um.........this is a mess, but the kind of mess that has to be seen to be believed. The CGI is nightmarish, the cast are clearly having fun but don't have that much to do, and trying to force more of a plot into Cats is pointless. I really like the new song, "Beautiful Ghosts," and thought that Hayward, McKellen, Dench, Hudson, and Swift were actually all rather good but......I just can't get past the cats having human hands and wearing fur coats.

Do not mistake my 3/10 rating -- I absolutely think you should see this film.

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