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  • My Year of Rest and Relaxation

    My Year of Rest and Relaxation

    This book is so good and I wish we would stop making good books into movies because I cannot fathom how on earth you would translate the depth of this character across mediums. I sound like such a snob but I am so not looking forward to Emma Stone's version of Oshfegh's work. At least this director fits the tone. Ugh.

  • You Should Have Left

    You Should Have Left

    Oh boy! Another short horror novel translated into a movie! I can't wait to see how elements that necessarily work in a book but seem ridiculous on film are played out in this one!

    Please just go read the book by Daniel Kehlmann. It's only about 100 pages and it's super creepy BECAUSE IT'S A STORY MADE FOR THE FORMAT OF A BOOK.