Soul ★★★★★

that was extremely accurate. extremely beautiful and charming.

what is your purpose in life? who was it that never thought and went into crises for not knowing? the real thing is that nobody needs to know, our only purpose is to live and be happy, to enjoy this insane journey that is to live.
this movie makes you feel real and special. we all have souls that serve something, serve to be alive.

well, other people's words can cause you a lot of problems and sadness, but when you get down and down it’s where things start to get really ugly. you lose yourself, you lose who you are and all the joy of living, you miss the good times and the joys, being lost is the worst thing in life. you are not there, you are not in control of your own body and soul, you just roam in endless limbo. but always know that you are special and capable of everything you want, able to live and certainly capable of being happy someday, even though it seems that sadness will never end.
this film is a big hug and a big kiss saying: "you matter."

i wish you all a great new year and that all the best things happen in your life. i draw a lot of happiness to each one of you. you have a beautiful soul. :)

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