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  • A Tale of Two Sisters

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  • Tourist Trap

    Tourist Trap


    Scavenger Hunt #88 - rewatch a fave and see if you notice something new

    I unapologetically love this movie. Chuck Connors is so earnest and throws himself completely into this roll of Mr. Slausen, the lonely old guy living in a defunct tourist trap with thousands of mannequins and some secrets.

    I love all the mannequin gags and I've mentioned the pipe kill before. The face plaster death scene is still really scary because he does it so slow, emphasizing…

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  • The Fly

    The Fly


    Daily Horror Hunt #52 - scifi horror from 1950s

    I wish I could've watched this without any knowledge of the fly thing because man, that reveal would've been so crazy!

    Starts with a murder with a hydraulic press in Vincent Price's factory. The likely suspect is his sister-in-law. But why did she do it?

    The who-dun-it was a fun bit that wasn't in the Cronenberg remake. Enjoyed the pacing on this, the starting with the end (sorta).

    Also, I can't believe he did that poor kitten like that!

  • Night of the Strangler

    Night of the Strangler


    Hooptober 9 - Joy N. Houck Jr.

    Uber racist Dan is absolutely not having that his little sister, Carol, is pregnant and intends to marry the father, a black man. It, of course, would tarnish their status as Wealthy White People. So, he disowns her and soon, the black man is dead and so is Carol (by an apparent suicide).

    Carol's other brother Vance is convinced Dan had something to do with the suicide, so he pretty much hates him.…

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  • Arachnophobia



    A dead guy inadvertently brings home a deadly spider from Venezuela in his casket. That spider finds a mate and the babies proceed to infiltrate the town. One of the guys who saves the town is a guy deathly afraid of spiders, another is John Goodman as a really invested pest control man.

    I suppose if you don't like spiders, this would probably freak you out because there are a LOT of them, especially at the end. But I found…

  • Barbarian



    Woo, dang. This is a fun one! Going in with no expectations really is big, so I'm not going to mention anything about the plot.

    But, seeing this in the theater is a cool group experience and there definitely are some really tense moments!