Midsommar ★★½

to be honest, i was expecting to feel a lot more from this movie. i was expecting to go in either loving it or hating it, but i feel absolutely nothing. i didn't scare me or excite me or disgust me. i felt nothing other than maybe boredom.


let's start with the good stuff. this was impeccably made, there's no denying it. the cinematography, costumes, production design, and score were all perfect. aster sure as hell knows what he's doing behind the camera. i was also really intrigued by the whole movie being set during daylight with pastel colors (though, i will admit, it got a bit old).

florence pugh was good. i mean, pretty much all she did was scream and cry, but she did that well. i also liked will poulter in this, he garnered the most laughs from my audience.


first of all, this was WAY too long. i found myself staring at the wall of the theater thinking "huh, i never noticed there was a giant fake compass on the wall." it was boring. there were a few good scenes, but nothing special.

my main problem with this is that it loses its central messages on behalf of some half assed "horror" (this was not scary in the slightest, not even disturbing or anxious) and gore. it handles its themes of loss and depression pretty poorly.

also, maybe tied for my main problem, was that it was predictable as hell. almost everything that happens is shown as a drawing on the wall before it happens. and, possible spoiler warning, it has almost the exact same ending at the wicker man.

i'm glad so many people were able to enjoy this, but i think i've found that i'm very picky when it comes to horror, and ari aster is not my type of director. just get some therapy, bro.

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