If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk ★★★★½

What an exquisite film this is. A story of first love told with vulnerability, purity and innocence. If Beale Street Could Talk is an empathic history lesson, it’s a love letter to the romance genre and an overall refreshing reminder of the beauty that can be contained in one single film.

The acting here is so spotless. Every word and every line is decorated with a glance, a gesture, something that adds to the sentiment of the moment. The actors hug this script so well and they show it off to highlight all of its best moments. The narration style is absolutely perfect and so fitting, it really is the cherry on top when it comes to this film’s overwhelming sense of realness and raw feelings. It also helps that KiKi Layne’s voice is as soft as a flower. 

This film also carries a wonderful score, one that brings an undeniable sense of tranquility to the film and soothes and drives the audience when necessary. The pops of color in clothing juxtaposed against a rather somber background really make the characters stand out and contribute to highlighting their emotions, and how they, and not the rest of the world, are the heart of this film. 

Overall, I am incredibly moved by the subject matter of this film, and I am nothing but devastated that I didn’t get to witness it on the big screen. I love you Barry Jenkins and the way you capture young love so flawlessly.

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