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  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    So I knew nothing about the film going into it, I tend not to with films. I think it’s more enjoyable that way going in blind. But fuck me, I kinda wish I could have gone in at least a little prepared for how distressing and uncomfortable this film was.

    First of all, huge praise to Mads Mikkelsen’s performance. He played his character so well, I really felt for his character. Nothing more to be said on that, award winning…

  • Death to 2020

    Death to 2020


    I think it’s wrong to go into this thinking it’s going to be a documentary. It’s not a documentary, far from.
    This is what I would prefer to call, a mockumentary. 

    Some of the jokes were actually quite funny, and made me laugh. However a lot of the time they did feel quite forced. 

    This isn’t really there to have much meaning to what’s happened or anything like that. There were some moments perhaps. But it’s more of a comedy than anything and is there to make you laugh at the year we have had. Not so much to document on them.

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  • Contagion



    If there is any film that’s based on COVID_19, it’s contagion

  • Geostorm



    To me, this felt like all they wanted was ‘some shots of extreme weathers and what that would be like’
    the brothers conflict felt too forced, the story needed more elaborating and the characters needed to be fleshed out and not so 2D. 

    Greta idea and interesting to see what it would be like with insane weather disasters. But films such as 2012 have shown us similar stuff.