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  • Beetlejuice



    Hooptober 6.0 - Movie #48

    As an aging goth, my wardrobe drifts closer to Delia Deetz with each passing year. Catherine O’Hara is a goddess, and I won't hear a word against her.

    I vow here and now, in front of whoever stumbles across this review, that I'm will into that aesthetic. If you see me on the street, I will probably have an opera glove tied around my head like a goddamn queen.

  • Blood of the Tribades

    Blood of the Tribades


    Hooptober 6.0 - Movie #51
    Woman-Directed Films - #5/2

    So goth. So queer. This needs to be a cult classic. I want to watch this at midnight at the Music Box. I want to dress up, pop in some fangs, and throw roses at the screen.

    Was this a good movie? No. But was it a competently acted low-budget film? Well, also no. It felt a bit like watching other people larp. But it had a lot of big ideas,…

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  • Maniac



    I'm feeling generous, so I'll give this a full star.

    The original Maniac was tense and terrifying. It captured the dread of walking home through an urban area, knowing there are men out there who see you as prey. There's a visceral fear when you see a man who makes you feel off, and you can't tell if you're overreacting. Or when you're just trying to do your job, and you need the money, but a man is pushing your…

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    I'm giving it two stars because I think I liked parts of it. At this point, anything I did like is overshadowed by how awful the second half was. Overall, it was just a mess.

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  • House



    Hooptober 6.0 - Movie #41

    What did I just watch? Did I accidentally take a lot of drugs?

  • Alice



    Hooptober 6.0 - Movie #50
    6 Countries #10/6 - Czech Republic

    This film is drugs. I'm not sure yet if it's the good kind of drugs or if withdrawal is going to wake me up in the middle of the night with visions of taxidermy rabbits and worm socks.