Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½

Maybe my expectations were too high? But overall I found The Last Jedi to be...underwhelming. It was enjoyable, in general. But I prefer the Force Awakens and Rouge One to be honest.

There were a few scenes and moments that had me thrilled, but the overall pacing of the film And the different storylines felt just a little bit too much for me, I'd have preferred more focus on Luke and Rey's plot, but I suppose not everyone can be satisfied. The writing also could've been stronger, like I realize Star Wars has its cheesy moments but there was a bit more cringe in this one. Also, some of the special effects were just..we can do great things with technology, but some of that technology didn't seem to be put to its best use. Maybe I'm picky.

Anyway Luke/Mark Hamill is great and relatable and I miss Han but also yes Luke always Luke.

Not exactly a film I'll be rushing to see again, but also not one that made me want to crucify Disney, or anything.

(Also, I feel weirdly bad picking at a Star Wars film that isn't the prequels? Perhaps out of some deeply held reverence for the franchise. Pretty sure I low-key apologized for every critique I just made. This is irrelevant. Okay bye.)

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