Nope ★★★★½

Probably going to be in the minority on this but this is my favourite of Peele's films by far. It has a level of ambition and craftsmanship so far beyond anything he's done before and he pulls it off with aplomb. I think the sheer spectacle of it may misguide people into thinking it's lacking depth or that its ideas are half-baked but I think you could make a strong case that it's actually Peele's deepest film and some of the themes and ideas it's playing with are things he's been building towards his entire career.

Also, as a side note, I know it's prohibitively expensive, but god damn do more films need to be shot on a combination of IMAX and 65mm. I thought Nolan was the only one that could pull it off but Peele recruiting Hoytema to be his partner on this was a very smart move. It's a visually stunning film with some of the best night photography I've ever seen and a combination of practical effects and CGI that is near seamless.

Can't wait to write more extensively about it once the embargo lifts.

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