Annette ★★★★★

A wildly unconventional look at musicals and Broadway theatricality that's executed as a breakdown and also as a celebration of the art. The non-stop parade of songs by Sparks are designed to serve Leos Carax's bold vision, the repetitiveness, the tongue in cheek subtlety of a sledgehammer and being insanely catchy is all part of the act. Some might call it pretentious, but isn't that exactly what Henry's performances are? A comedian using an unconventional theatre format for his sets, questioning the vicious cycle of his own jokes and his fame. The same goes for Ann too, an opera performer stuck in a loop of life and death in her own acts. It's not perfect but it's meaningful and highly self reflective.

Annette is the most bonkers experience I've had all year, pretty close to The Suicide Squad and F9, but I ended up liking this more than I expected. It's complex, funny and can even be a tearjerker at points. Could be a fantastic double feature alongside Om Shanti Om, one being a magical celebration of hindi cinema, while the other being a cynical look at the cost of fame.

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