Parasite ★★★★

Crossing the line...

This is an enormously entertaining film. Probably the most fun I've had at the theater all year. Also left me with the most to think about afterwards.

The framing is surgical. The camera moves with confidence. Every single scene is meticulously crafted, and layered with subtext. Pacing is swift. Nearly every performance is enthralling and a joy to watch. What everyone is saying is true, the film takes on many different genres and tones, and does so effortlessly, but the foundation is absolutely a dark comedy.

This is important; it's important that you be allowed to laugh at the dichotomies presented here, because the events that unfold in the second half are so fucking outlandish that the levity provided in the first half help ease you into this film's many forms.

There are a great many themes here, and while they are introduced elegantly, they take root and grow in your mind after spending some time with them. Backtracking through the scenes also reveals just how subtly and how often these themes appear. Socio-economic disparities, materialism, capitalism, imperialism, one character's obsession with metaphors, all heavy themes, but all carefully and precisely laid out, and all paying off and twisting back on themselves.

With this much to chew on, it's surprising how ultra engaging and enjoyable this film is, and I think it's one that will definitely reward multiple viewings.

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