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  • The Wrestler

    The Wrestler


    This > WWE. An interesting depiction of the lengths someone will go to for the thing they’re most passionate about. A great companion piece to Aronofsky’s other film, Black Swan.

    Favourite Character
    Randy “Ram” Robinson

    Favourite Scene
    The final fight. An amazing way to end a film.

    Best Quote
    Randy: The only place I get hurt is out there. The world don’t give a shit about me.

    Fun Fact
    Micky Rourke actually blades (cuts his head) in the film to add…

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


    I usually don’t rewatch movies. There’s just so many great movies out there that I still haven’t seen that I can’t waste my time rewatching old stuff. But I can always make an exception for the greatest film series of all time. 
    Lord of the Rings > Star Wars don’t @ me

    Favourite Character
    This movie is jam packed with iconic characters. If I had to choose just one I’d have to go with Gandalf.

    Favourite Scene
    Again, so hard to…

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  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight


    What the hell was that? I started the Before trilogy hoping to see an over romanticized story between two people completely in love. I thought that was the deal? Not to see what love ACTUALLY looks like. This movie caps off the trilogy on a high note! I’m looking forward to the next film in the series, Before 3:45 👏🏼 

    Favourite Character
    It’s always hard to choose between Jesse and Celine. They split this category from the first two films…

  • Oblivion



    An easily forgettable film. Oblivion uses so many sci-fi tropes and steals ideas from so many other movies that it has no identity of its own. With that said, it’s enjoyable enough that you won’t regret watching it. And you don’t have to worry about thinking too hard because everything is explained to you in painstaking detail.

    Favourite Character
    Beech. Tom Cruise’s character is fine but Morgan Freeman stuck out more to me.

    Favourite Scene
    The desert scene where Tom…

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  • Carrie



    Amazing! I’ve never seen the remake with Chloe Grace Moretz but I don’t need to to know that it’s a waste of time. Sissy Spacek was made for this role! Such a heart-wrenching depiction of what it’s like to be picked on in high school. I’m very sympathetic towards Carrie. I also would have snapped if my date with Tommy Ross was ruined. My main criticism would be the ultra sexualization of high school girls. Also, how come nobody ever…

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Fantastic Mr. Fox


    The first Wes Anderson movie I watched was The Grand Budapest Hotel. And unlike pretty much everyone else on the planet, I can’t say I liked it. A couple years later I tried to give Wes another shot with Moonrise Kingdom and again I was very much let down. I just didn’t get what the fuss was about his movies. However, he finally connected with me when I watched The Royal Tenenbaums. And now he’s done it again with Fantastic…