I, Tonya ★★★★

Margot Robbie was robbed of an Oscar just as badly as Harding was robbed of an Olympic medal! 

Favourite Character
Tonya. A lot of great characters here, especially Tonya’s mom, but Margot’s performance was really something else.
Favourite Scene
The scene of Harding standing in front of the mirror just before she goes out on the ice to try and achieve her Olympic dream. This scene alone guaranteed Robbie her Oscar nomination.

Best Quote
Tonya Harding: There’s no such thing as truth. Everyone has their own truth, and life just does whatever the fuck it wants.

Fun Fact
Only six women since Harding have been successful in pulling off a triple axel. Because of its difficulty there was no skating double that could be found to do it for the film. If there was anyone who could do it during the filming of the movie, they’d be training for the Olympics and couldn’t risk doing it for the film. The jump was accomplished using visual effects.

If You Liked This Then Watch..
Molly’s Game (2017). A 2017 Oscar nominated film about a controversial woman who failed to achieve her Olympic dream. Sound familiar?

What’s your favourite sports biopic?


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