Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★★

Big Trouble in Little China is what can only be described as bonkers; this is perhaps the most calculated insanity I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

What is most likely the greatest element of this film surrounds the subversive nature of Kurt Russell's character, Jack Burton. Carpenter excellently plays with the tropes of American saviourism and flips it on its head by making the lead protagonist a bumbling buffoon who only ever messes things up and exists in the plot because he accidentally stumbled into it. [spoilers] I’d also like to mention that the way he manages to save the day because of a ridiculous character trait that he had and was established earlier is also hilarious.

And while I do believe part of Carpenter's intent with the film was meant to point to the absurdity of Orientalism and the ridiculous Chinese stereotypes that plagued Hollywood during this time, I feel as though it's efforts are lost in translation and come across as perpetuating these ideals rather than challenging them.

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