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  • The Fox and the Hound

    The Fox and the Hound


    Part of Disney: (Re)Visiting the Canon.

    There's some honest to goodness beautiful art here, primarily the backgrounds -- the opening evokes Bambi in more ways than one, but of course it doesn't touch that level of masterpiece. The animation is all over the place, actually, with human characters coming off especially unappealing. Ditto the tone -- this is ultimately a very dark story with life and death stakes that the film absolutely refuses to follow up on, and cops out…

  • Monsters, Inc.

    Monsters, Inc.


    Part of Disney: (Re)Visiting the Canon.

    Really funny at times, but this film's particular design and story just didn't speak to me as much as some other Pixar films. There's little commentary here, and instead it felt like a procession of plot points and design ideas.

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  • Showgirls


    An unrateable movie. I'll give it one star, but it might as well be five.

  • The Place Beyond the Pines

    The Place Beyond the Pines


    Really impressed with this one, the second time even more than the first (I guess the three-act split sort of threw me off the first time). Anyway, Cooper and Gosling are Oscar-worthy here, and Mendes milks her underwritten part for all that it's worth. The third story is a bit underwhelming, but all in all it is a sweeping classical tragedy dressed up in gritty contemporary circumstances.