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  • Duvidha
  • The Lady from Shanghai
  • A Tiny Place That Is Hard to Touch
  • Hail Arcadia

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  • Blonde


  • The Man from Majorca


  • The Walk-In


  • EO


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  • Kala azar

    Kala azar


    1st viewing: 0.5 / 5
    2nd viewing: 4 / 5

  • Kala azar

    Kala azar


    Kala Kraziar

Popular reviews

  • Schwechater



    'As the story goes, Peter Kubelka was commissioned to produce a commercial for Austrian brewery Schwechater. The resultant commercial ended up being a totally irreverent abstraction that featured perhaps several seconds of a couple enjoying a luxury brew. The commercial, of course, never made it to air.'

    ...but it just made it to my list of all time favourites

  • The Ghost

    The Ghost


    Das Gespenst (The Ghost), shows Jesus stepping down from his cross, confronting religious stereotypes and cliches, and wandering through the streets with a nun, having sundry surreal experiences. A film that caused a scandal in Germany in the mid-eighties (and in Austria as well - author Gerhard Ruiss went to trial for screening this one, he paid a fine and spent 25 days in prison).
    Blasphemy! 10/10