Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★

I'm so tired of these movies, they don't actually feel like movies anymore, rather they act as a constant reminder that the industry is becoming more and more Money-oriented than ever.
The clearest sign that "Star Wars" is headed in the same direction as the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far.

A narrative that goes here and there but totally lacks Focus doesn't make for a great film full stop. Donald Glover is doing his Thing but in the end, he does an Impression of Empire-Lando the whole time, could've been better. The "Femme-Fatale"-character is propably one of the worst in that archetype. She's bareley in the movie, doesn't get something to do and has literally no established connection to anything or anyone. So basically, the script is the main Problem. Sidenote:
We don't Need to see the Kessel run, we don't Need to know how Han gets his Name and why he calls chewbacca "Chewie". WTF?. Just think of a standalone Story. Have an adventure and thats it.

The next big Problem is the cinematography. Say what you will about "The Last Jedi", you must admit that it was pure eye-candy. "Solo" on the other Hand is Held back so much by the lighting alone. You can barely recognize the faces, let alone the expressions on them. I get that it's the criminal underworld, so I present another movie that used heavy shadow and darkness in a criminal underworld way, way, waaaaaay better. The Godfather. The Godfather is fucking full of shadows and darkness but you're always able to see what you Need to see. Some shots are cool and all, YES, but for the most part it Looks absolutely shit, hinders your Investment and ability to be immersed. Grade: F

The feministic Robot is just obnoxious. If Disney is *so* inclusive, then why are all the confirmed directors for their next Projects all White men who are not exactly known for taking risks? Why are there only White leads in this movie? Why are the main protagonists of the new Star Wars films all White? Seems hypocritical to me.

I enjoyed some things though, Alden Ehrenreich is great as Han, he captures the essence of the character pretty well. And I kinda love the fact that the third act was so understated and took place in some dude's Office. The third act is what I wanted in that movie, it is fun, worthwile and interesting. The chemistry between Han and Chewie is great fun.
All things considered, "Solo" is a slightly under-average Popcorn summer-flick. If you wanna spend Money on These kinds of things or Star Wars is your Cup of tea, go see it. Otherwise, stay away.

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