The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

The trick Alejandro Jodorowsky pulls with "The Holy Mountain" is actually no trick at all. It's popping up in every list of cryptic, hard to understand-films but he's just telling the truth in his own way.

Essentially, with "The Holy Mountain" Jodorovsky tries to make you see the world with his eyes through a journey to enlightenment, symobilzed through the ascend of the Titular mountain.
You see his contempt for aspects of western civilization, distinct character traits and worldviews.
Everything about "The holy Mountain" is unique. Jodorovsky is doing Jobs in almost any department and creates and end-product that transcends the medium. It is a work of art with a clear purpose. He wants you to see.
You will not be able to figure out every Symbol in "The Holy Mountain" but the core sentiment is perfectly clear and delivered with plenty of solid arguments. It helps that Jodorovsky uses a type of Story that doesn't Need Explanation. The Odyssey. The main Goal is made clear and every stage is an obstacle.

Jodorovsky takes you out on a trip to enlightenment and stays true to the very nature of said objective at every turn and creates an ending that is as surprising as true and satisfying.

Also: A killer mood delivered all the way, incredibly funny at times, visually so drop-dead gorgeous and arresting, accompanied by an irresistible score by Jodorovsky himself
You don't need to know anything more. See.

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