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  • The Aviator's Wife

    The Aviator's Wife


    A culmination of Eric Rohmer as a naturalistic filmmaker, this film consists mainly of just a few scenes, a study of human interaction, long conversations between two characters, the scenes keep going because the characters are interested in each other, trying to figure each other out, looks that contain multitudes. It's a beautiful thing.

  • Rocketman



    Elton John's life story is surely movie-worthy material, and a lot of this film is spot on. Taron Egerton is perfect in the lead, it's one of those cases where it feels like he's playing the part he was born to play. And I'm impressed by how they've handled the various periods, the recreations of all those iconic costumes and all that jazz. The only thing I'm struggling with here is the songs. Well, the songs themselves are great, and…

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  • Rebecca



    In my book Ben Wheatley is one of the most exciting "young and promising" filmmakers these days. His finesse lies in the projects he pursues, usually written by himself, they're always quirky and subversive and unique stories. They always have a surprising spin.

    "Rebecca" has none of that. Maybe it's because it's a remake of one of the great classics of Hollywood's golden age; that's never a good idea. Maybe it's because Wheatley wasn't involved in the writing and development…

  • Cadaver


    A good screenwriter could have done a lot with this premise - but the execution here is just completely dull and spiritless. And worst of all, it's mind-numbingly predictable. Somehow the high-ish production value with all the CGI backgrounds makes it worse; this would have come off much better as a DIY production from a bunch of enthusiastic 23-year-olds. Or at least, easier to excuse.