Ready or Not ★★★★

I had so much fun watching this movie. Samara Weaving should be in every horror comedy I watch from now on (I have the power to make that happen, right?) and Adam Brody made me want to punch his character in the face and then turned right around and made me want to give him the biggest hug. Almost every actor I knew in this cast I'd seen in a TV show (Orphan Black, Halt and Catch Fire, Wynonna Earp, The O.C.) and each of them turned out a uniquely different performance than what I was used to seeing them do. There are parts of this movie that seem predictable and there are others that are absolutely buckwild, but the one constant is you'll keep whispering "oh god" for one reason or another to the person sitting next to you. The humor and horror balance each other out perfectly and you somehow find yourself laughing at murder scenes? This is a wild ride of a movie, and if you're into badass ladies and bonkers horror plots, make sure to add this to your watchlist.

• watched at pacific theatres winnetka with mom & dad

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