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This review may contain spoilers.


To paraphrase Nokia's old slogan: Religion - Abusing people.

I think all intelligent adults can agree on that. That's of course also what The Sacrament wants to say, and it says it good. It's well-made, great actors, packed with tension. There's just one problem: we all know what's gonna happen.

Imagine if James Cameron was trying to hide what was going to happen at the end of Titanic. That's what's going on here. But everyone with the slightest knowledge about modern history know's what's going to happen within 10-15 minutes.

And it happens. No surprises at all. No twist, nothing added - except it being set recently, the names are different and a few other details changed, it begins like Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre, the back story is the same, what's happening in the "town" is exactly the same. Hell, come to think of it, there was even a documentary team involved in the original event. Not all the way of course.

Even if I like The Sacrament because of it's modern take on a tragic, historical event, it all ends very anticlimactic. Just like we all known since many years back.

I was hoping to the last second something would happen: the dead rising, the "father" being a part of a huge government conspiracy, the world really coming to an end around them when the helicopter rises... SOMETHING. But no.

But it's good. Just don't expect it to be anything more than the Jonestown Massacre.

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