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  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

    The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

    After their lackluster appearance in Thor: Love & Thunder, it was really nice to see something with the Guardians back to their normal selves. Add to that, a really fun, festive storyline that, with Star-Lord's affinity for nostalgia, makes a lot of sense, and this is a really fun way to spend 45 minutes.

    Don't really have any notes. Just a fun little xmas thing to watch.

  • Minority Report

    Minority Report


    2002 Ranked
    Directors Ranked: Steven Spielberg

    Film #24 of Project Rewatch 2022

    Forgot how much of a banger this movie is. High concept sci-fi but made mainstream without really dumbing it down...not an easy feat to accomplish but I feel Spielberg nails it. Add to that the performances, Cruise is enjoyable as Cruise, but the likes of Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton and Max Von Sydow really elevate it with their supporting performances. One thing that I think is quite underrated…

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  • Joker



    2019 Ranked
    2019 Cinema Visits
    Directors Ranked: Todd Phillips

    Film #5 of my Chain Reaction Challenge


    I'll start by saying, for the people that didn't like this...I get it. I do. It's very slow burn. It's very derivative, particularly borrowing from Scorsese. Then of course, there is the controversy. I'm not one to get involved in politics or anything like that but I'll say this; from all of the shit I heard before seeing this today about how "this…

  • Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider


    2007 Ranked

    So I can't explain why, but I dig this. I can see the (many, many) flaws yet that just doesn't really stop me from enjoying this.

    For starters, I love the lore of Ghost Rider but that's more on the comics than this, however (although I'm not an expert by any means) this feels like at least a somewhat faithful adaptation of the source material.

    The performance of Nicolas Cage is pretty solid as well. He does some…