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Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

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Now, I will keep this as vague as humanly possible as I don't want to spoil anything for anyone.


I have to admit. I went into this with low expectations. Don't get me wrong. I was excited for it. I was rock hard when the film started. But I had low expectations, purely because I didn't think they could end this saga in a satisfactory way. Well, I was definitely happy with how they wrapped this up. I feel like this was the perfect ending. Does that mean it was a perfect film? No.

There are still some storyline issues, particularly involving people showing up at just the right time. I will say there is one scene where that happens and it's just so fucking awesome. They also seemed to play with the rules a little bit on certain storytelling elements of the film. I also feel like the CGI was quite inconsistent. Sometimes it was truly spectacular and sometimes it was quite bad...not often, but sometimes.

The film also contains some incredibly creative action sequences including what may be my favourite sequence in the entire MCU. I'm not going to spoil it but when you see it...you'll know.

We get some really great character arcs in this. All of the main players get excellent arcs, my favourite was Thor, who was responsible for a lot of the comedy but it didn't go too comedic like Ragnarok (which I still loved). When the moment called for seriousness from him, we got it. However, there were still a couple of scenes, quite heavy scenes, where we still get a quip or joke and it just shouldn't happen. The stakes are at an all-time high. Don't be making fucking quips.

I do feel like some characters were completely under-utilised. It kinda makes sense with certain characters as there was no way to fit THIS MANY characters into the story without being unreasonable. However, there were a couple of main(ish) characters that I feel felt unfleshed, in a sense of this movie anyway,

Something I really enjoyed was the structuring of the film. The Russos play with the structure of the three acts and it's something I've seen attempted before, and didn't work, but here it did for me. I feel like it was the exact way it needed to end.

I know this shit was vague so if it doesn't make sense, I'm sorry...not really, but you know. I am hoping to go see it again in a few days, finances depending, and if I do, I will do a spoiler review where I can splurge all of my thoughts.

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