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Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★½

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Film #7 of HORRORx52 2023

This is more of a whodunnit than it is the slasher I was led to believe it'd be, but I tried not to let that affect my score as that was my fault that I had that wrong. That being said, for a whodunnit, this does the actual mystery part pretty well. There are multiple twists and turns and the final act is actually solid and bumped this up a half star for me.

The thing that I really didn't like about the movie is that it's "so Gen Z" with the Tik Toks and the lingo and the genuinely unlikeable characters and watching it just really fucking annoyed me a lot of the time. Like, I hated nearly everybody in this movie. The thing is though, it feels as though it was by design, which kinda means I shouldn't penalise the movie for it. But this is my review and my score, so fuck it. It is what it is.

So overall, this is a well-made film with pretty solid writing and the direction is mostly great as well. If you can handle/enjoy the Gen Z stuff I mentioned above, this could be a movie for you. It just wasn't really for me.

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