El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ★★★½

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I currently have Breaking Bad third on my all-time TV shows list, behind The Sopranos (1st) and The Wire. I wouldn't say I was disappointed by El Camino as it not only gives us some closure on one of, if not THE biggest question after the finale aired (the Walter White question, which was also answered, only came about when the trailer dropped) and that question is "well, what happened to Jesse?" but it just lets us back into this meticulously crafted world by Vince Gilligan, which is awesome.

However, I do have to admit, and I'm sorry if it upsets anyone, that I was underwhelmed. The show features some of the best writing in any medium, hands down. The show was crafted almost to perfection. Whereas here, you have only two hours to tell a story, and half of that is flashbacks. So when there are scenes where Jesse finds himself in a precarious situation, instead of it having a cleverly-written solution, he kinda just flukes his way out of things, more than once.

That really is my only complaint about this; the acting is still spot-on, particularly by Aaron Paul but others as well, the cinematography and pacing are solid and the story is there. I just feel it was rushed in places, which is so not Vince Gilligan, and it shows, to me at least.

Was Jesse Plemons always that fat? I feel like he isn't always that fat. He looked weird in this, but the performance was fantastic anyway.

Overall, this was a great thing for the fans of the show, giving us closure as well as a couple of cool little character flashbacks.

RIP Robert Forster

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