Se7en ★★★★★

1995 Ranked
Directors Ranked: David Fincher

So my plan is to go through Fincher's full filmography before Mank comes out as I think Fincher has potential to become my favourite director. I've loved all of his films I've seen, even Alien³ (which I also plan on rewatching but with my son as an Alien marathon) so I think I need to complete his filmography. And of course, I will also watch Citizen Kane for the first time before watching Mank, just because. I may not get this done in October by the time Mank releases but I should have it done by end of 2020 anyway.

Enough bullshit and onto the film at hand. Se7en is a motherfucking masterpiece. There's no other way to put it. The grim atmosphere created by this being set in a nameless, always rainy city was genius. In fact, the whole film is written damn-near flawlessly. The concept is really good, the dialogue is great. The reveal is fantastic and this has perhaps one of the best endings of any film ever. Seriously.

I guess my only criticism, and it didn't bother me personally but it warrants a mention, is that the pacing is quite uneven. The first half is very slow whereas the second half is a rollercoaster ride. But the first half isn't wasted. It's used to build up these characters and this case, so while it can be jarring, for me, it works to perfection. Also, I was concerned that, because I knew the twist, the ending wouldn't be as effective but it didn't matter. I was still on the edge of my seat for the whole final act. It's fucking amazing.

It's too bad [redacted] is such a horrible piece of shit human in real life, because he is incredible in this. What a reveal.

To sum up, if you haven't seen this, watch it now. It's so fucking good.

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