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So after an immediate rewatch and much reflection, I can safely say...we have a new #1!

I haven't had as much trouble ranking a Bond film since Licence To Kill but this was the only one where I wanted, nay, needed to watch it again immediately to figure out what I really thought of it.

My favourite part about Never Say Never Again was the "does he still have it" angle, and Skyfall does this as well, but only with an actor who is trying and competent writing and my man, Roger motherfucking Deakins. One thing that kept standing out to me as I was watching this the first time was just how great it looked, so I shouldn't have been surprised to learn Deakins worked on it. I even think the beauty of it may have taken my focus off of the story a little.

My first time watching, I thought the film was overlong with average pacing. However, on my rewatch, I still think it's a tiny bit overlong, but that's on par with the franchise as a whole, but I bought into the story all the way. Bond's battle within himself, M and her connection with Bond, the re-introduction of Q and Miss Moneypenny. Actually, it's really nice that the latter is now a field agent who is also a bad ass rather than someone who just sits behind a desk and longs for Bond's 007 inches...

I actually think the standout in this film is Silva, played expertly by Javier Bardem. He's not some villain out to take over the world (although there hasn't really been that in the Craig films anyway), but has real motivations. He comes off incredibly intelligent and menacing, and has some of the best dialogue in the whole film. I loved his rat on an island monologue. Not only that but he rocked the bleached hair and eyebrows and was still intimidating. He did the same in No Country For Old Men so I shouldn't be surprised. I can't wait for his next movie where he rocks the 'Travolta in The Fanatic' look!

Also have to say, I loved the action scenes in this, from the opening train sequence to the 'it's a waste of good scotch' scene to the battle with Kincaid...the action in this is so much better than in QoS.

Overall, it took me a while to figure out where to place this but I am happy with it being #1. This was fantastic and I am truly, truly gutted I didn't check these films out at the cinema. Only one more film to go!

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