Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

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Normally when a new MCU film is coming out, I get really pumped and try and see it ASAP. Minus Endgame, I haven't gotten that this year. My apprehension seemed correct when it came to Captain Marvel and, while I wouldn't say I wasn't excited for Far From Home, I still wasn't in a total rush to see it either. But the simple fact is, this is a solid new entry into the MCU. It doesn't feel like the goodbye to Phase 3 but also not the start of phase 4. Minus the references to Iron Man, it feels like a standalone film, almost like an Iron Man 3.

This is pretty close to Homecoming for me, really. I feel like Tom Holland is really growing into the role. I actually really liked Jon Favreau as Happy in this whereas I felt he was a weaker point in Homecoming. I'm a bit disappointed that there was no Michael Keaton or Michael Mando in this, even as a set-up but I guess it makes sense.

As expected, Jake Gyllenhaal crushed it...CRUSHED it. Like, he was fantastic. His whole arc throughout the film, while a little underdeveloped, was performed greatly.

I thought Zendaya was more...awkward in this one. Like, she didn't seem so dorky, for lack of a better word, in Homecoming. I didn't mind it but it was a bit of a radical change in my mind.

The rest of the supporting cast were great, although Jacob Batalon was quite under-utilised. I thought the humour wasn't forced like it was in Homecoming and even though there were some laughs, it feels like they went a more serious route for the most part, which I enjoyed.

The best thing about this, other than Gyllenhaal, was the performance of Tom Holland. You really believe that A) he is a high school kid dealing with high school shit, and B) that he really has the weight of the whole world on his shoulders and that he feels like it is his burden to carry now. In turn, this makes it that much easier to cheer for him. Holland was fantastic.

I still think Cobie Smulders is the worst casting in the entire MCU. She sucks.

Both post-credits scenes are amazing!

Another worthy entry into the MCU. On a side-note, it's some fucking exciting times ahead with all the new announcements.

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