Terminator Genisys ★★½

2015 Ranked
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Genisys is a film I'd seen before in the cinema randomly and I remember enjoying it a bit. Upon a rewatch, my opinion of it does go down a little but I do still think this is fun for what it is, and that is essentially a fan fiction Terminator film.

Now I say that it is a fan fiction film because they change a fuckton of shit in this movie; shit that hardcore Terminator fans would say should not be changed (which I won't go into due to spoilers). While I thought that the changes were odd, I commend them for trying something different.

I thought Arnie was excellent in this and he brought back something that was missing in T3; an emotional connection to our lead character, this time being Emilia Clarke's iteration of Sarah Connor.

Speaking of that, the casting decisions in this weren't the best. I didn't find Emilia Clarke believable as a bad ass soldier that she had t be, and she had no chemistry with Jai Courtney's Kyle Reese. I did kinda like Jason Clarke as John Connor but I'd rank him third in the John Connor rankings behind Edward Furlong and Christian Bale, but way, way, way ahead of Nick Stahl.

I loved the homage to the original film that happened when Kyle Reese went back to 1984, right down to the punks talking shit to Arnie (RIP Bill Paxton). I also thought that Arnie on Arnie battle was really fucking cool. In fact, the action sequences in this are all pretty solid.

Overall, this is an enjoyable film to watch if you watch it purely as a fun time and don't try and connect it to the rest of the franchise. But it's nothing compared to the original two films.

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