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Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

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"He's a friend from work."

I can understand why some people don't like this. There are characters who are big characters in the Thor comics that are reduced to either comedy characters (Korg) or plot filler (Skurge). It's also a complete 180 on the previous two Thor films. I'd even say it's the least serious of the MCU films so when people say they didn't like this, I get it. In saying that, this is really enjoyable and incredibly funny.

I don't mind the fact that this is a comedy. I think it's quite refreshing. What I do wish though is that Taika Waititi had a bigger hand in the writing of the film. Obviously this has his humour all through it but other Waititi films are funny but with deeper, sometimes darker themes. Hunt for the Wilderpeople dealt with a child who didn't feel like he belonged anywhere, bouncing from family to family. Boy deals with a family growing up with no mother and a deadbeat father. Ragnarok has "themes" of family and, I guess, finding one's true self (Thor discovering his new powers after losing Mjolnir) but they aren't explored as well as Waititi does in his films when he writes.

One other thing that really bothered me is that Karl Urban was seriously under-utilised and deserves better.

I know this review seemed overly negative but this is still a really good, really funny film and is easily the best Thor film. I do hope that Waititi gets to write any future MCU (or any franchise) films that he is chosen to direct. There is no denying how cool it is to see such a New Zealand flavour to something as huge as the MCU. That's really cool.

Old score: 4.5/5
New score: 4/5

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