X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class ★★★★

2011 Ranked
Directors Ranked: Matthew Vaughn
Ranked: X-Men

A Reluctant Road to Dark Phoenix. Stop #6
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So it seems like a common occurrence with any films I rewatch of late but this lost a little bit for me this time around.

There were some scenes that were really cheesy and tonally didn't fit the darker tone they were going for. The scene where the younger mutants all choose their name was just weak writing and a cringefest of a scene. I also didn't really like Jennifer Lawrence in this at all. I couldn't tell you why but I just didn't buy her performance. The last thing that really bugged me was I don't remember Beast looking that...weird previously.

Other than that, this film is pretty amazing. The introduction to Erik and Charles and the development of their friendship-come-rivalry was excellently done. The montages with the training of the mutants was cool and I found it hilarious that Charles was such a lad. I thought Rose Byrne was great in this. I thought January Jones LOOKED spectacular...wow. In fact, I'd say with the exception of Lawrence, I really liked all the casting in this. McAvoy and Fassbender do great as the leads.

Overall this is a solid entry into the X-Men franchise. Keep an eye out for Hugh Jackman's cameo too. It's hilarious.

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