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I have been a voice with no body. A body, but not a human. And now... a memory.. made real. Who knows what I might be next?

Episode 9 review:
This rating is for the series as a whole
The final episode, I can’t believe that 8 weeks ago we started all the way back at episode 1 and now we’re already at the end. It actually feels like the last 2 months have been flying by because it didn’t feel this way at all. I remember at the start not being that hyped for the series but then my expectations started getting higher and higher. This show has had it’s high and lows and I’ve made reviews for every single episode over the past few weeks. In this review I’m gonna focus on episode 9 so if you want to read my thoughts on the past few 8 episodes there will be links to every single review here on my 2021 ranking list

I feel like everyone that watched the show over the past few weeks went into this episode with high expectations. The fan theories were crazy and the cast were hyping things up. Although I didn’t expect things like mephisto or Reed Richards or even the X-men this episode I was still a bit letdown. Let me start off by saying that by no means I hated this episode, it was actually great but there’s a few things about this episode that left me disappointed. Let’s talk about the cast first, absolutely amazing. Both Betanny and Olsen delivered amazing performances and I love their characters even more after this show. I’m super curious to see where they’re going with both of them in phase 4. Kevin Feige said that the ending will tie directly into doctor strange multiverse of madness and spider-man 3. I can see how they tie it into doctor strange a little bit but I don’t understand the spider-man 3 part. Besides Olsen and Bettany we also have Kathryn Hahn who delivers a great performance. I didn’t have high expectations for her performance because of her past roles but I was super happy to see how great of a job she did here. I feel like she has a lot of potential in her future career after this show and I really hope more directors hire her in the future. White vision was very interesting and the vision vs vision fight was very good. Instead of using the powers to destroy each other they just have a conversation with each other, really making it feel like both of them fit in their personalities. It’s exactly how I would have imagined both of them to argue tbh. I’m very interested to see the future of white vision because he now remembers everything that happened with Ultron and Thanos etc, will we see him make a return in Doctor Strange 2? I hope so to be honest. It’s weird how he just disappeared. Agatha setting the entire town against Wanda was good and I wonder how big the consequences are for her, she kept this town and kids away and I assume people will find out about this and lose faith in her as a hero?. One of my big disappointments here was Evan Peters as *QuickSilver*, I remember being so hyped at the end of episode 5 when I saw him for the first time in the cliffhanger and was hoping this would set up some kind of multiverse. Later on I started losing faith that he was QuickSilver from the X-men Universe but I’m still sad that they wasted him to make his character a boner joke. I wonder why they casted Evan Peters if they don’t want to make him that QuickSilver and just make him Ralph. I’m also curious to see where he went to now because we didn’t see him after the name reveal. Monica was great here and I liked her using her powers. I loved woo here with his amazing comedic character and I hope he returns for ant man 3. The standoff between Wanda and Agatha was great, the CGI was a bit off for me at some scenes and felt like it was weirdly done. I liked the way she defeated her tho with her receiving the scarlet witch outfit. I absolutely love her outfit and I can’t wait to see her wear it in the future. This show is really about Wanda her character going through pain, grief, no hope and ending with Wanda receiving all of that again. The final goodbye between Vision and Wanda was great and showed how much I started loving Vision as a character. Then we have the skrull reveal in the post credit scene which wasn’t anything crazy to me. I was expecting her to be a skrull so I wasn’t too shocked by that. The second post credit scene was better tho with Wanda in her astral form reading the book. That’s pretty much everything I have to say about it. I expected something more out of this final episode but I also understand why they went this way. I feel like it was a missed opportunity for Strange not to show up because people were expecting him because this would tie in directly into Doctor Strange 2. I hope we’ll get an explanation to where he was during all of this because it felt odd that he didn’t show up. 

Before ending this review I went to look back at all of my reviews for the older episodes and seeing what my theories for this series were back then:
-In my review for episode 1-2 I said that I loved the way I didn’t know what was going on and that I was exited to see who was on the radio, what was about to happen, what sword was doing and how everything was even happening. Fun to read that back now 
-In my review for episode 3 I wondered if QuickSilver was gonna show up in the future episodes because of the namedrop. That aged very well haha
-In my review for episode 4 I said that I would love to see more of Woo, Darcy and Monica and I feel like this series definitely did deliver a good storyline for them. I also had this theory that this Vision was a projection on Vision his dead body because of that jumpscare scene
-In my review for episode 5 I was super stoked to see QuickSilver and started loving Vision more and more as a character. I also said that Agnes probably knows about Wanda and that she isn’t powerful herself to get control over the body. I also thought Agnes killed Sparky so that all aged well.
-In my review for episode 6 I was hoping for this QuickSilver to be the X-men one and said that the QuickSilver reveal in future episodes would open the multiverse so that didn’t age well. 
-In my review for episode 7 I was hoping for the nexus commercial to mean the cross-dimensional gateway to realities like the comics so uhh... that didn’t happen.
-In my review for episode 8 I predicted doctor strange would show up in the post credit scene... I did predict that the cameo Paul was talking about was the white vision so at least I got that right.

It’s fun looking back at all my thoughts on the series for the last 8 weeks. I loved this journey of waiting each week for the episodes to hit and everyone getting crazy with the fan theories. Even tho this final episode wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for I’m still happy with it. I feel like this series for sure helped me get hyped again for marvel because after Endgame I wasn’t really hyped for any of the future projects. This series was great and in my inclusion a great inclusion in the marvel cinematic universe.

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