It Chapter Two ★★★

More of a movie about a group of friends having 1 last hurrah than a horror film. Unfortunately, for IT (both chapters have this problem), that's where the trouble lies.

IT Chapter 2, even more so than the first, fails to live up to its ambitions. A grand and epic story that blends the Goonies with Nightmare on Elm Street or whatever 80s horror you feel fits. Putting it plainly, Pennywise just isn't scary. Actually, he's the complete opposite. Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise is straight up ridiculous. And for a film that so desperately wants to be scary and relies so heavily on its monster, this is a negative. When it comes to Pennywise's "lore", it's even more ridiculous and nonsensical. A stupid villain and a stupid story eventually lead to a very stupid CGI final battle.

Luckily, the Losers are the film's saving grace. All of them are great and at times even outshine their child counterparts, especially Bill Hader. All of their adult struggles feel like a natural build on the problems they faced as kids, and they all had great chemistry with one another. They made me laugh and even shed a few tears, and when it's all said and done I felt satisfied with the conclusion to their story arcs. Ultimately, IT is about the Losers, and from beginning to end I enjoyed them. Sadly, nothing can stop the stupid clown from being stupid. Not even the Losers.

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