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  • Chemins
  • To Be Here
  • Science Without Substance
  • A Return
  • Villatalla
  • Horse Money
  • Twin Peaks: The Return
  • La flor
  • Ash Is Purest White
  • 025 Sunset Red

10 for 2010s

10 films

1 film/media entity per director

  • Maya
  • more than everything
  • Where the Chocolate Mountains
  • Leila and the Wolves
  • Muhamed

help me

34 films

films i’ve been unable to find for quite a while. any and all help is highly appreciated, feel free to…

  • Instructions on How to Make a Film
  • Ek Inquilab Aur Aaya
  • Bokul
  • Fireflies
  • Look Closely at the Mountains

added to lb

33 films

  • Bärbel and Charly
  • To Be Here
  • Butterfly in Winter
  • Rushing Green with Horses
  • Okiana

Ute Aurand

19 films

I don't really do ranked lists but i've now seen a lot by Ute and felt it reasonable to keep…

  • The Image Threads
  • Video Game
  • To Be Continued
  • Om-Dar-Ba-Dar
  • Rati Chakravyuh

Cinema of Prayōgā

16 films

Incomplete List but if i don’t make it public, i might never start working on it again. Details regarding Cinema…

  • Manmarziyaan
  • Asako I & II
  • Our Time

2018: The Year that Brought Cuckoldery Into Style

3 films

i mean there were probably more but i don’t watch every movie

  • Engram of Returning
  • Our Lady of Paris
  • Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
  • Sarah Winchester: Ghost Opera
  • Brutal Ardour

best things i saw in 2018

40 films


The Leftovers, dir. Damon Lindelof Legion, dir. Noah Hawley

  • Joe Versus the Volcano
  • You've Got Mail
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • Watchmen
  • Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle