Blue Valentine ★★★★

i don’t think any film as made me as distressful as blue valentine. there was so so so so much fucking TENSION throughout the whole film. it was miserable at times but also wonderful at others, which i guess is how love is. sorry that was really corny, anyway...
ryan gosling and michelle williams both excellently portray the deeply flawed relationship between their characters, dean and cindy, respectively. their performance was really exceptionally heartbreaking and powerful. their energy within their crumbling marriage just felt so alive. dean behaving immaturely at times and having emotional outbursts while cindy cheated and ignored him gave the film such an intense atmosphere. neither of the characters were archetypical whatsoever and it was never clear what their next move would be. i had a lot of empathy for both their characters, and seeing their blissful love decay into emotional abuse and neglect was devastating. 
this is the first film i’ve watched directed by derek cianfrance and i really enjoyed his camerawork throughout the film. the way he chose to film scenes with high emotional impact was incredible and made all the intense feelings even more palpable. i was really impressed. 
if you’re not as emotionally distant and hollow like me this film would probably bring you to tears, especially if you’ve been in a relationship like dean and cindys. this film is a real gem.