Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

A fun filled and lighthearted Spider-Man installment.

Despite it being somewhat haphazard and filled with elements that I’m just not the biggest fan of, it turns out that this film was better than Homecoming. There’s a lot for me to complain about that film, but with Far From Home, Peter found himself in situations that you would find him in. Unfortunate situations that affect his life. You can clearly see that they are situations he doesn’t want to happen, but happen anyway. One can say the same for Jon Watts’ first film, but they just aren’t as dire as they were in  Far From Home. He came into his own in this film. He’s beginning to see the great responsibility of being a superhero while also being a kid. He’s trying to balance these two dichotomies of his life and seeing the hardship he’s chosen for himself.

Zendaya as MJ is beginning to grow on me. Although she’s still not Mary Jane Watson. Same with Ned although he’s really Miles’ best friend, Ganke. Flash Thompson as well. Oh and that was Betty Brant?! Okay. 

Now here’s what I’m just not a fan of. Aunt May is seemingly just okay with Peter being Spider-Man. What the hell is that? Oh okay, so within that time that has passed since the end of the first movie, we just have to assume that they skipped the whole talk. No. Aunt May discovering Peter’s secret is one of the most heartfelt moments in Peter’s life that to skip it and make it end with a joke really just degrades that moment...

A moment that would’ve been the opportunity to bring in Uncle Ben! Again with the hints to Uncle Ben. Peter’s suitcase with his initials on it. No more hints. Please just bring in Uncle Ben. The most integral factor that made Peter who he is. That made Spider-Man. Again... no Spider-Man without Uncle Ben. Then they have the post credits scene in which Peter’s identity is revealed to the world. Ends exactly the same way as Homecoming. Come on. Another integral moment gone to waste.

Some critics say that this film surpasses expectations and dethrones Spider-Man 2 as their favorite Spidey film. That is an opinion that I cannot seem to understand. This film really does not even come close to one of the greatest superhero and Spider-Man films of all time, Spider-Man 2. That movie showed how much Peter was willing to sacrifice himself for the people of New York and in such dire circumstances. How he was willing to let go of Mary Jane despite leaving himself unhappy, he knows that she’d be safe. Also, this film surpassing Into the Spider-Verse is incomprehensible too.

Far From Home is not a great Spider-Man film, but it is one that somewhat puts this version of Peter on the right road to becoming the character I know and have grown up with. 

Absolutely happy that J.K. Simmons is back as J. Jonah Jameson.

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