Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

I can imagine the Star Wars fatigue setting in for some people with each wink, nod, reference and unnecessary explanation that this movie doles out. But, frankly, it didn't bother me. So, now we know how Han got his name, how he got the Falcon, how he met Chewie, et al. Somethings might be better left alone, MAYBE Solo was one of them, but so what?

How does any of that change the fact that Solo is a fun ride? It's a big heist movie set in the SW universe. It's full of cool looking characters with fun sounding names like Enfys Nest, Rio Durant, Lady Proxima, and Quay Tolsite. The movie is never short on exciting, swashbuckling, set pieces that punctuate the runtime throughout. Is it a perfect film? No. But I think a lot of SW fans are holding it to a bizarre standard.

I love the cast. I thought Alden did a completely serviceable job as Han. There's some great moments in here between Han and Lando, and Han and Chewie. For me, it does feel like the characters I know and love. I get that for some people it just doesn't work for them, and that's valid. But me? I was having a blast the whole time.

From a detached perspective, I don't feel great about Disney's SW output, even if I do like most of it. The idea that we're gonna get one a year until mankind dies out is kinda nauseating. Was I fine with just six Star Wars films on my shelf? Yes. Am I making room for more? Also yes. Basically, my point is, you can't well and truly bitch about movies like Solo getting made if you're still gonna see them.

I've got no time or patience for hate-watchers. For my money, Solo was still a million times more imaginative, creative, and engaging than The Force Awakens (audible gagging noise) ever managed to be. If the powers that be wanna keep cranking out crazy genre pieces using SW elements... (e.g. a war movie with Rogue One, a heist movie here with Solo) so be it. I'm here for it, because Solo made me smile like a 8 year old on christmas morning.