Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

"Stop offering me cigarettes, I'm 10 years old."

Another great addition to Taika Waititi's repertoire. Jojo Rabbit takes the lighthearted nature and style Waititi is known for but cuts it with tragic depictions of Nazi Germany. This movie took turns that were... unexpected, to say the least, and does not take its subject matter lightly. Unless it's at the expense of Nazi ideology.

I will say that the film did not pick up until the 2nd Act. The 1st Act is very lackluster; feeling like a mediocre version of Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom with awkward subtext. The film really takes off when Scarlett Johansson is introduced and the starts to develop its own identity. Once it does manage to find its identity, it is one of Waititi's finest works. I have not felt this type of emotional impact from him since I saw Boy (2010) and is great to see Waititi be so consistent in making such fantastic films and improving in general.

Thematically, it makes interesting dissections on identity, growth, and acceptance. The characters are interesting, all the performances are well done, particularly from Scarlett Johansson, the production was purposeful, the soundtrack is fun, the story moves smoothly, and although all the humor doesn't hit, it does the majority of the time and is hilarious. Top-notch in all aspects, but this is to be expected from Waititi at this point in his career.

Despite some of the problems I have with the film early on, it still manages to be one of my top three Waititi films, up there with What We Do in the Shadows and Boy. I recommend it to everyone, ESPECIALLY to Waititi fans.

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