John Wick

John Wick ★★★★½

Whoa. That was thrilling. Keanu is kicking ass and taking names as John Wick, the Boogeyman hunter who comes out of retirement after the death of his wife and the murder of, Daisy. I think it's crucial that a film has a protagonist who has their weaknesses. The hero should get beaten up every now and then. Even if they do save the day, they should sweat a bit. Now, I don't mean to praise one movie by bashing another but Jack Reacher lost me because Tom Cruise's titular character seemed to be a demi-God, only occasionally being beaten out, temporarily. The nature of John Wick, on the other hand, is such that you could imagine him literally working himself to death (I'm not saying that he dies or stays alive so there's no spoiler here. See it for yourself). He has a lot to lose and he loses quite a bit at the beginning.

Our hero aside, I feel that it's a miracle that this movie could contain so many strong elements: the fight scenes, the visuals (love them!), strong characters, an engaging plot, an immersive noir vibe and the occasional humour.

It's just really good.

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