A Fantastic Woman ★★½

Scavenger Hunt 54: Watch a film from the filmsis library.

I want to see trans womens' views on this film (from Chile or South America in particular). So I'll be doing that after I write this.

I quite liked it as a slice of life. However, coming from a minority perspective (although I'm not a sexual minority), it felt like it suffered a bit from falling into one of these films where the experience (in this case, of transphobia) is more told than the character themselves. Rather than who they are and what they're about (and I don't include her relationship with her boyfriend as a part of her identity..).

It's just not at all my thing, which is why I avoid a lot of films focusing on wars and various struggles concerning minority demographics usually. I tend to watch more general ones.

It seemed, however, that it did want to address the hostilities more. To talk about how people and systems can go gunning for trans people. In that, it was effective for me.

Actually, my fiancé didn't realise she was trans until about an hour into the film! He could tell everyone was being an asshole, but wasn't clear on exactly why until they started properly name-calling. So perhaps it was also good at showing how subtle microgressions etc can seem to majority folk, because I'm not sure how he didn't realise otherwise 😂😅 (Although we both went into the film knowing absolutely nothing about what it'd be about).

Her reactions to everything that was happening, it's just tragic to me. She was very shutdown, just trying to maintain. Living feels like such a vulnerable existence when we face frequent and unchallenged discrimination, I know. Sad, yet it continues on...

In that way, I found it very relatable. I felt it was easy to feel the weight of how she was feeling - even if I cannot comprehend it exactly. Too many times I have stood like her and had to just get through stuff.

The film was really nice to look at though! Haha, that's a more positive take from me. I might update this later.